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Facilitating A Clear Future

When a loved one passes away, there are many details that need to be sorted out regarding that person’s wishes and intentions for his or her estate. When the person in question had a will or certain assets in a trust, their intentions may have been clear, but the estate will still need to be resolved properly.

At Sigmon, Clark, Mackie, Hanvey & Ferrell, P.A., in North Carolina, our seasoned lawyers can provide that essential legal service at the time of need. If there is no will in place, the court will appoint an executor to manage the details of the person’s estate in probate. We can explain the process in detail during your initial consultation.

Putting An Estate In Order

Administering a final estate involves several steps, including:

  • Assessing debts and assets
  • Using available assets to repay debts
  • Distributing the remaining estate assets
  • Navigating any challenges to a will
  • Filing any necessary tax returns
  • Collecting any money owed to the estate

Having a professional estate administration attorney for these essential tasks can help ensure that the family left behind doesn’t encounter any unwanted surprises later down the road.

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