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Protecting Your Land Ownership

Under the Constitution, the government has the right to take possession of your land for purposes of public use if you are compensated properly for your loss. This is known as eminent domain. You can fight the action, but it will take the help of a committed attorney with experience navigating these matters in North Carolina.

Know Your Rights

When the government has an interest in your land, they can’t just show up at your door and take possession. There are certain steps that they need to take first. The government needs to provide adequate notice of its intentions, as well as allow you an opportunity for a hearing if you object. The government is also required to provide fair compensation for the market value of your land if the land condemnation proceeds. When you make an appointment with a lawyer at Sigmon, Clark, Mackie, Hanvey & Ferrell, P.A., we can discuss your options and give you more targeted counsel about your situation and goals.

Opposing A Land Condemnation

There are ways a knowledgeable attorney can push back against an impending land condemnation, including:

  • Challenging the intended public use
  • Challenging the scope of the proposed project
  • Negotiating the price of the land

An eminent domain lawsuit can also be appealed, but if the government has already taken your land, you may only be eligible at that point for financial compensation. That’s why it’s so important to contact an attorney right away if you are facing the loss of your land because of a government action.

Don’t Let Your Land Slip Away

Prompt action is the best policy when the future of your land is in question. To make an appointment at our Hickory office, email us or call 828-597-0533 or toll free at 866-784-9938.